Fuel Efficiency and Lower Gas Prices, Oh My!

Buy a New CarGas prices are low and now is a stellar time to buy or lease a car. For years the prohibitive price of gas has kept more than its fair share of New Yorkers from jumping behind the wheel of their own car or SUV. Suddenly the price does not seem so steep and, thanks to improved fuel efficiency, the volatility of the oil market is far less of a consideration.

The fuel efficiency of newer models of cars can be downright shocking to folks used to gas guzzling models. Suddenly that new car lease might just save you and your family money. Even as gas prices have come down the amount of gas needed for almost every car on our lot has also come down. It is a perfect opportunity to drive!

If you are among the many people in NYC suddenly open to the idea getting a car you have come to the right place. Not only will a car improve your commute, it will also open up the rest of the Northeast region as readily available for travel. Suddenly the outlet shopping available in New Jersey or the scenic terrain of upstate New York are easy to get to.

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3 Tips for Distraction Free Driving!

Car LeaseFocus. It is easier said than done, especially in our busy and technologically crowded modern lives. When driving your focus is even more important, yet for many it seems to be one of the times when distractions are most prevalent.

Between your phone, passengers, the radio, nearby beverages or snacks, and the rest of vast unpredictable world in and around your car, there is a lot that can take your mind off of driving and your eyes off the road. In just a split second of distraction your whole life can change drastically in an accident. Here are some tips from your local Brooklyn car dealership to avoid distractions:

If you cannot drive without any distractions wait!

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Date Ideas In the Five Boroughs

Car Lease DealsLooking for an exciting date to make this Valentine’s Day special in New York? New York’s five boroughs offer a wealth of activities that are one of a kind and often less expensive than you might expect from our often pricey city. Of course if you intend to explore these other boroughs the comfort of a car lease deal can make moving between them easier.

Should you decide to explore, here are a few options for fun in NYC:

Explore the city and start by exploring the great options to buy and lease cars at our Brooklyn car dealership.

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Improper Tire Inflation Is Dangerous

Car Lease DealDrive enough and you will notice it everywhere. One of the biggest dangers to drivers, pedestrians, and anyone or anything that lives in proximity to traffic are tires that are improperly deflated. For every blowout that happens due to hitting something that ruptures your tire, there are several that could have been easily avoided by simply properly inflating your tires.

In and around our Brooklyn car dealership maintaining proper tire pressure is something we pride ourselves on. Knowing that we will be heading out on test drives with customers makes us extra vigilant about keeping things safe. Still, once a a car lease deal is signed it is on the owner to keep things as safe as possible.

Experts recommend that every driver checks their car’s tire pressure at least once a week. This is easiest to do if you spring for your very own pressure gauge. The importance of proper tire inflation is vital across the board but it is particularly an issue among people driving larger cars. No matter what you drive, keep those tires right and drive safely!

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Test Drives and Safety for New Drivers

Car DealershipAs a Brooklyn car dealership with a solid reputation in a fantastic community we see our fair share of repeat customers. We love seeing families grow and young kids become young drivers themselves. Each car sale is important to us but the ones that go to new drivers feel so much more important. When these kids get a car with great safety features our whole staff feels better about them hitting the road.

Teaching kids the right way to drive is something everyone is concerned with. Cars, if used incorrectly, can be dangerous. Luckily our staff gets a chance to see the quality education these young drivers are receiving from family members, friends, and driving classes. That is because we think a test drive is vital for anyone getting behind a new wheel, especially a young driver.

Parents starting to consider getting a car for their son or daughter’s forthcoming license are encouraged to stop by and check out our whole stock of fantastic cars!

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Keep Active This Winter In NYC with a Car!

Car Lease Deals

Get out of the house with a new car!

The cold can make so many of us prone to simply whiling away hours in our homes. The bite of a New York City winter leaves a sting and simply taking a stroll to the supermarket or the movies can feel like a battle against the elements. As a result many of us spend the winter buried in trash television and ordering takeout. Nothing wrong with either of those things in moderation but New York offers great culture and home cooking is more nutritious and affordable than takeout.

Owning a car in New York can make experiencing the city and feeding yourself appropriately so much easier as the cold weather settles in. These when you buy a new car there is a heating system, obviously, but there is also warming seats. In fact, you might find yourself more cozy in your car than in an under heated loft apartment.

Do not give up on the things you love to do and eat this winter. Instead visit our dealership to find the kind of affordable car lease deals that make owning having a car in New York easier than it has ever been.

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Icy Roads and Car Safety

Car LeaseIf you have been driving in New York over the past couple of days you would be forgiven for leaning on the breaks harder than usual. Damp days and cold nights have lead to icy mornings that have resulted in accidents throughout the five boroughs and beyond. In some cases striking video footage has left people afraid to even get behind the wheel at all.

This is why a test drive and a real understanding of the breaking capabilities and safety features when you buy a new car are so important. Doing your research cannot be entirely about fuel efficiency these days. Safety is the most important feature when deciding on the car that is right for you and your family.

The staff at our Brooklyn car dealership love to help get people behind the wheel. We love even more to know that our customer is heading out on the road in a car that is safe. While remaining aware of the road conditions is a great way to avoid accidents the car must be prepared for conditions. Stronger breaks and better safety features,  like backup cameras and backseat airbags, are vital and available in so many models currently available.

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New Year, New You, New Car!

New Toyota In NYCNew Year, New You! It is nearly half a month into the new year and chances are you have done a world of things to improve your life and change yourself for the better, right? Actually, probably not.

Most people abandon their New Year’s resolution somewhere between the clinking of champagne glasses and falling asleep early on New Year’s Day. While we enter into pacts to lose weight, do major renovations on our homes, and save more money with nothing but the best intentions follow through can be so difficult. Luckily there are a world of things you can do to improve your life. Upgrading your current car to a safer, more energy efficient, and more modern model is just one of the easiest.

As a Brooklyn car dealership trusted by thousands we have staked our reputation on improving the lives of residents of New York by offering great cars at agreeable prices. The results is families traveling more efficiently and safely year after year. If you think a new car is just the kind of thing that can help make this year better for you and yours, do not hesitate to come by for a no strings look at some of our great car leasing deals.

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Fuel Efficiency and Gas Prices Make Car Leases More Inviting

Car LeasesTwo financial factors are making owning a car easier than it has been in a long time. The first has been a long time coming. Almost all major car manufacturers have made efforts in recent years to increase fuel efficiency. Those across the board changes means that most reasonably priced car leases come with a lot lighter economic burden once you get the car on the road.

Still a more dicey development has been the steady decrease in gas prices throughout the United States in 2014. Each week it seems the price is more reasonable than ever. While filling the tank is still a noticeable expense for most families it is now more affordable than it has been in years. With the improved gas prices and fuel efficiency more people than ever are browsing for cars.

Our Brooklyn car dealership has seen the noticeable difference week to week and we could not be more thrilled. Not only are families more willing to invest in a newer model of car to take advantage of fuel efficiency, they are more interested in multiple cars for the whole family!

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Drive Safely This Holiday Season!

Cars for Lease In NYCWith Christmas Eve here many of us will be attending parties for just about the whole next week. In fact some of us are on the second or third week of the most hard partying month of the year. This is a great time for revelry and fun. Throwing back a few drinks with friends can always take the sting out of the colder weather. What it is not always a great time for is getting behind the wheel of a car.

Around this time of year there is always a notable spike in incidents of DUI, DWI, and alcohol related car accidents. The statistics are scary but the real world meaning of those numbers are even more frightening. So we thought we would take the time to remind the customers of our Brooklyn car dealership to be safe, drink responsibly, and never get behind the wheel under the influence. Perhaps even more important for our adult customers is to remind newer drivers to avoid drunk driving or even getting into a car with a drunk driver this holiday season.

With that serious message out of the way now is a great time to simply wish our customers a happy and healthy holiday season!

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