3 Winterizing Car Tips from Our Brooklyn Car Dealership

Brooklyn Car DealershipWhen you take the plunge and invest in a new car lease there is some worry. The inevitable wear and tear of owning and using a car can end up costing the leaser in the long run. We do not want to see that happen. We love repeated business and want our customers to feel comfortable with their lease agreements and ready to trade up when the lease is up. With that in mind we thought we would offer some advice for winterizing your car this fall. These steps will help you keep your car in tip top shape when the weather gets nasty:

These are just a few tips and for more you can definitely ask any of the helpful staff at our Brooklyn car dealership!

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Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Tire Pressure

New York Car DealershipAs a New York car dealership we like to offer more than just a sales pitch about our latest car lease deals. Instead of just pumping up our latest sale or our new big deal we like to offer something of value. We like to offer the kind of sound advice that drivers need to save money and drive more safely.

One of the best pieces of advice for someone driving any make, model, or brand of car is to make sure there is air in your tires. This seems simple enough until you understand that there are literally millions of drivers on the road today with less air than their tires should have. The results can make your car less fuel efficient and can make your car more dangerous to drive.

Using a tire pressure gauge is the best way to know that you are driving on tires that are optimally filled. It is best to check your tire pressure as regularly as possible. It assures that at all times you are doing what’s best for your safety and the preservation of the car itself!

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End the Summer Exploring New York In a New Car

Brooklyn Car DealershipWith the summer running down it’s clock you probably want to see something beautiful before it’s coated in a thick layer of snow. Lucky for you a new car can be leased at our Brooklyn car dealership, while a wealth of treasures await you just minutes away from New York City’s confines.

Cruising upstate in a new Acura or checking out the Jersey shore in your new Honda is the ideal way to make the most out of the last few weeks of summer. Pack the kids in the car or hire a sitter so you can have a little bit of peace and quiet. There are scenic woods, effervescent sunsets, and landmarks to greet you no matter what direction you drive.

This is the perfect time to discover new places and make the most of the mild weather. Crack the window open and let the breeze be your air conditioning for a few miles. There are orchards ready to get ripe for apple picking season. There are beautiful and charming bed and breakfast spots for a romantic evening. New York and its surrounding area is great to explore and a car is the best way to do it.

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Car Lease Deals for Regular People

Brooklyn Car DealershipThere is no better reminder of the need for a car than a rainy bus stop. Even with the world’s largest umbrella you are bound to get wet. As your clothes soak through and you begin to worry about how water resistant that smart phone in your pocket is it might just dawn on you that with a car this would all be a whole lot easier.

The car lease deals at Wheels to Lease are targeted directly at people like you. People who take the bus and train. People who have always assumed that walking into a Brooklyn car dealership and driving off the lot is just a pipe dream. It is not.

Pricing varies for the wide array of cars available on our lot but there are many that are right in line with a middle class budget. You can get behind the wheel of a brand new car for less than many of us pay for cable and internet. It is all about realizing that your life is past the point where not having a car is an option.

Check out our website and come to our lot to see some of the great new cars available right now from Wheels to Lease!

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Get a Car for Back to School

Car Leasing DealsEven though it is only early August we still should be aware that back to school season is just around the corner. If you have a family in New York City you know that could mean a lot of effort to ensure your kids arrive safely at school. With multiple kids in multiple schools in a variety of spots in the city a car can be a necessity.

Our Brooklyn car dealership has made an effort to make owning or leasing a car in New York easier than ever before. This is a family friendly car dealership looking to help the people of New York get where they need to go in a timely and safe manner.

We have a great selection of cars in a variety of makes and models that are perfect for families of all sizes. Check out our great car leasing deals that change regularly and get yourself and your family into the car they deserve before the school year begins!

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The 2014 Nissan Altima

Buy NissanWhen it comes to selling cars in the Brooklyn and New York area practicality is everything. You want something energy efficient, safe, and capable of driving comfortably in bumper to bumper traffic. The 2014 Nissan Altima is exactly that.

The Altima is roomy enough for family driving and perfect for taking the kids on the road. It also has some great amenities including the ability to sync your smart phone to your car. You can make calls safely, listen to your favorite music, and use the GPS in a way that makes getting anywhere a whole lore easier.

One of the best attributes of the Nissan Altima is its excellent crash test scores. It is said to be one of the safest cars on the market. It also has that fuel efficiency that really moves cars these days. Check out our car lease deals on the Nissan Altima right now! There is hardly a better time to buy one of these excellent automobiles from our Brooklyn car dealership!

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2014 Chrysler Town and Country

flickr-2345974422-originalFor families in New York a small car is often not an option. Instead the idea of a van or an SUV is vital to consider. When you go in for a car leasing deal on a larger car you have to consider a lot of things.

When the safety of your family is involved the most important thing is the safety of your vehicle. For that purpose there is not a lot of cars on the market that are better than the 2014 Chrysler Town and Country Touring. The overall rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a four out of five stars after extensive crash tests with this model. For further safety the Town and Country comes standard with a rear-view backup camera.

For families the benefits of a big car like the Touring are obvious. The roominess will allow families to make the many stops that are required for parents of busy kids. Whether you are heading to soccer practice or the mall you can load the kids up safely into the car.

Our Brooklyn car dealership is known for offering great deals on some of the best cars around. This month we are thrilled to highlight the 2014 Chrysler Town and Country.

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Temperature, Tire Pressure, and Your Brooklyn Car

Brooklyn Car DealershipWhether you are a brand new driver getting on the road for the first time or a long time New York motorist coming back to Wheels to Lease for yet another car leasing deal, there are things you should consider to extend the life of your car and preserve the terms of your warranty. One of the main considerations is keeping a close watch on your car’s tires. In spite of their importance tires are often overlooked by drivers putting the driver, his or her passengers, and everyone on and off the road in danger.

Tire pressure changes as the weather changes, so checking the pressure on your tires is particularly important as temperatures skyrocket. Approximately one to two pounds per square inch of air is lost with every 10 degree increase in temperature. While you might still be driving on an under-inflated tire the end results can be costly. As the pressure is displaced to the sides of the tire you risk blowing the tire out.

When you check the pressure on your car’s tires it is also strongly suggested that you check the pressure on your spare tire. Our Brooklyn car dealership is eager to do anything and everything we can to help you keep your car running smoothly and safely all summer long.

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Sunglasses Make for Safer Driving

Brooklyn Car

As part of our ongoing efforts to make New York motorists more aware and safer we thought we would highlight an important necessity for sunny summer driving. With the bright glare of the sun blazing into your car’s windows seeing can become incredibly difficult. Of course as soon as your car hits the streets of NYC it is your responsibility to see everything in your pathway. As a result it is vital that all drivers have a pair of sunglasses handy. This is no joke. The amount of accidents that happen each and every year because a glare temporarily left a driver unable to see is difficult to calculate but it does pose a very real risk. If you plan on taking your Brooklyn car on the road this summer, or really any time of the year, a pair of even very inexpensive sunglasses can be a life saver. For drivers who wear glasses the need for both sunglasses as well as prescription glasses is vital. There are transition lenses and clip on sunglasses attachments if need be. When you buy a new car or indulge in a lease agreement it is important that you have safety in mind. Get a pair of sunglasses with your new set of wheels.

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4 of the Best New York Area Beaches

Brooklyn carFor many customers of our car dealership in New York the summer is a time to get away from the city and head to the beach. That said, there can be a little bit of a bad reputation when it comes to conveniently located New York area beaches. Luckily we have done a little looking and found some great beaches that you can head to in your new Acura or other car and still be back in Manhattan by happy hour.

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