Older Cars Can Be Dangerous

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Time for a new car?

If you are still driving an old car you have held onto for years each new season brings a wealth of problems. The winter leaves your car stuck under piles of snow or skidding around icy streets. As the summer approaches chronic overheating and the discomfort of a car without air conditioning can be downright awful.

Worse than these seasonal issues is a general sense that each times you get into your ancient automobile you are taking you are risking your life and that of your passengers. A car that overheats in the middle of a busy highway can cause life threatening problems to whoever happens to be inside. The discomfort of not having an air conditioner might feel trivial in sixty degree weather but in the high nineties it can become a real health risk.

Our Brooklyn car dealership is here to try and get our fellow New Yorkers out of dangerous cars and into safe, efficient, and comfortable modern wheels. With car lease deals that are easily mitigated for anyone making a reasonable living you can get yourself and your loved ones into a good car today. Do not risk danger behind the wheel of a dangerous older car anymore!

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3 Tips for Keeping a Clean Car Interior

Keeping your car clean on the outside often has more to do with Mother Nature than your own whims. On the inside on the other hand your car’s overall tidiness is very much a reflection on your habits. A messy car can make your whole life feel cluttered. You do not want your a car lease deal to turn into another apartment that necessitates regular cleaning. We have decided to write up some tips on keeping things clean inside your new car once you come visit us at our Brooklyn car dealership and get behind the wheel:

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Scenic Spring Drives In New York

With winter finally winding down and people invest in the stellar car leasing deals available at Wheels to Lease all the time it is worth knowing where some of the best places to drive are. New York, as a recent ad campaign is trying to highlight, is more than just New York City. The nearby open road options can be quite scenic and easily accessible for anyone with a car in the five boroughs.

Here we take a look at a few of New York’s most scenic routes for people who patronize our Brooklyn car dealership:

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Preserving a New Car

buy a new carWhen you leave our New York car dealership in a new set of wheels we hope that you and your new car will have a long life together. Your trust is vital to us and your safety and comfort while driving are so important to maintaining that trust. That said, some drivers forget or simply never realized that there is a break-in period when you buy a new car.

During your car’s break-in period it is important to consider the way you drive and develop an understanding of what makes this car different from others you have driven. During the first 1,000 miles it is important to mostly keep your car under 55 miles per hour, rather than pushing an engine too hard right off of the lot.

Avoid heavy loads for a while. Towing a trailer might be fun but burning out your engine this early can cost a lot of money. The same can be said for overloading your car’s roof rack.

Allowing your car to idle for long periods is terrible throughout the life of the automobile. When you first start driving it has the potential to be a particularly damaging to the parts of your engine that distribute oil.

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Safe Driving In Wet Conditions

car dealership in NYCWith the winter coming to a close we are hopefully moving decidedly away from snowy weather in New York City. Of course for people commuting around the city by car the spring offers its own set of potentially hazardous conditions. We would like to once again offer something more than excellent car lease deals. We want to offer some tips on safe driving in New York City on wet and rainy days.

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Some Great New York City Driving Destinations

car lease dealsA weekend getaway can make a huge difference in a person’s demeanor. By taking some time to get out of the big city and really unwind you will be doing yourself a world of good that could help you perform better throughout the week. Getting out of the city is easier when you have your own car and that is where our New York car dealership comes in.

This week we are taking a break from car leasing deals and car care tips to tell you about some of New York’s best driving destinations:

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Gas Saving Tips

These days nothing rests as heavily on a driver’s shoulders as the price of gas. While our New York car dealership has gone out of its way to make financing a new car affordable the price of gas can still be a little intimidating. In an effort to help anyone considering a new car or those folks who have already invested in a car leasing deal we’re offering some gas saving tips:

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Buying the Right Car Seat for Your Brooklyn Car

Brooklyn carFor a lot of New York residents the tipping point where they stop hoofing it or riding endlessly on the subway is when they start a family. You might be comfortable along with the millions of strap-hangers in New York but your baby needs a safe Brooklyn car to drive him or her around.

Of course getting a car to chauffeur your little bundle of joy around town is just part of the process. You can’t just strap a small child into a seat belt. Instead you have to explore the wide world of children’s car seats. While our New York car dealership does not sell car seats we can give you a little guidance on picking out the safest car seat available.

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A New Web Experience From New York’s Best Car Dealership

car leasing dealsRecently we have tried to make this blog a little bit more informative than promotional. We have offered tips for parents teaching new drivers the rules of the road, keeping tabs on auto repair costs, and snow safety for drivers among other topics. For this week though we thought it was important to let our readers know about an exciting development for our New York car dealership.

Our website has been completely revamped! With a new look, new information, and most importantly adaptive display features that allows the site to adjust to tablets and smart phones. This means wherever you are you can tap into our site to find information on car leasing deals. This website update has been in the works for some time not because we think we are going to sell a bunch of cars online but because we want to offer consumers the best support as they browse or seriously shop for cars.

New Yorkers of course have a finite amount of time to spend doing anything. Even important decisions like buying a new car can become victims of the time crunch this city causes. We can help you make the decision smartly and quickly and our website can help.

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Tips for Teaching Your Teen To Drive

So your son or daughter is ready for some parental lessons in driving. Automotive safety is important and passing it down from parent to child can be very helpful, of course it can also be stressful for both parties. If your son or daughter is ready for some lessons you might want to call in a professional. Professional driver’s ed instructors are impartial and have been through it all.

Still, even those of us that have sent our kin off to learn driving from a professional want to pass on personal wisdom and make sure things are safe before committing to car lease deals for our kids. When we do here are some things to remember:

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